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What are the factors that affect the performance of FRP grille

Time:2018-08-27 16:15:11 Hits:844

Nowadays, with the increasing demand of the market, the performance of FRP grille has become the most concerned issue. Then what are the factors that affect the performance of FRP grille?

Ultraviolet (UV)- do not apply a fiberglass grating without UV protection to direct sunlight. Heat - the temperature of the fiberglass grid plates inside metal pipes or ducts is so high that many polymeric materials reduce their service life at this temperature. Water - the moisture in the local area network's twisted fiberglass grid plate increases the capacitance of the fiberglass grid plate, thus reducing impedance and causing near - end crosstalk problems.

Mechanical damage (repair costs)- fiber optic cable repair is very expensive and requires at least two terminals at each break point.

Grounding - if the shield of the FRP grid plate needs to be grounded, the appropriate standards must be observed.

The total length of the route (not just between buildings)- buildings are constructed with an outdoor level of fiberglass mesh grille, which is limited to 90 meters.

The GFRP grille board shall have the following contents:

1. Full penetration of glass fiber interwoven textile and resin makes the grille most resistant to corrosion.

2. The overall layout of the GFRP grid plate uniformly distributes the load, which is helpful for the uniform stress of the grid device and its supporting layout.

3. The glazed appearance of GFRP grating and italic grating surface make the grating have self-cleaning effect.

4. The concave surface of GFRP grille makes the grille on the top have anti-slip function, and the anti-slip effect on the sand surface is better.