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What factors determine the quality of the FRP grille

Time:2018-08-27 15:57:36 Hits:701

Features of the FRP grille; Resistant to corrosion of various chemical media, never rust, long service life, free from maintenance; Flame retardant, insulation, non-magnetic, slightly elastic, can reduce fatigue and improve work efficiency; Light, high strength, and easy to cut, installation, design, flexible and diverse size, stable size.

According to the current market with economic development and technological progress, some new products keep coming back, and the old ones keep dropping out.

As a new composite material, FRP grille has been gradually restored, but its replacement such as pp board, PPR board, PVC board and other plastic materials have been gradually reduced. We believe that their main raw materials have undergone fundamental changes.

What are the two main materials that determine the quality of the GFRP grille?

First, glass fiber: it can be divided into three kinds of glass fiber: high alkali, medium alkali and no alkali. Selection can generally be made on the basis of the product's use of environmental corrosivity. Recommend you still use the glass fiber that does not have alkali more rest assured.

Second, resin: can be divided into phenolic type, vinyl type, o-benzene type, m-benzene type of four commonly used unsaturated resin. It has a lot of variety and a lot of features. There are differences in corrosion, color, acid-base and flame retardant. Therefore, it is suggested that when you choose the GFRP grille board in the future, you should decide to buy according to these two indicators.