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The raw material identification method of FRP profile is briefly introduced

Time:2018-08-27 15:52:51 Hits:756

The material of the FRP profile is resin commonly still have FRP fiber, it is high grade, next is colorless transparent data, have low viscosity low exothermic function. Some of the properties of FRP profiles are essential.

The resulting FRP profile is flat, smooth, shiny, strong and durable. If FRP pulls the profile if apply the incomplete resin to be able to be completely opposite, the resin of the incomplete turbidity be unable, high viscosity, high exothermic, high shrinkage, solidify relatively slow, consistency is poorer also, the product FRP pulls the profile is much porosity, easy to crack, strength poor tolerance.

Next is the comparison of FRP profile products. There are no obvious cracks in the appearance of quality FRP profile products, and there are few pores. The products are bright and pure in color, transparent, with certain endurance strength, good surface finish and long service life. However, the damaged FRP products have cracks in the appearance, more pores, not enough color gloss.