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Anti-skid function of FRP grille

Time:2018-08-27 16:00:46 Hits:817

The GFRP grille has a non-slip function which generally reduces personnel slipping accidents. It is widely used in many places.

FRP gratings have anti-skid function, through molded FRP gratings have naturally formed non-slip concave surface and prevent slippery sand surface, prevent slippery sand surface and the mould after sanding a integrated and demoulding by adhesive processing sanding again two, both sanding surface provides superior anti-skid function, sand is not easy to peel, durable. According to the related information of foreign countries, the accident caused by slipping takes the second place. Slipping in many different factories has become the main cause of the accident, and has caused huge economic losses. The use of FRP grilles makes walking safer and more comfortable, greatly reducing accidents caused by personnel slipping.

With the expansion of the use range of FRP grille, its functions are more and more adapted to different use environments.