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Physical hydraulic properties and mechanical requirements of FRP grille

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With the wide application of GFRP grillage in civil engineering, the research on its function and application method in civil engineering has been advanced. In various cases, there are different performance requirements for the FRP grille used. But in general, most of all, it requires a long life, generally years, even decades. The quality of the material is also required to be tough and the weight per unit area is relatively heavy (100-500g/m2 above). Some require good water seepage and sound maintenance, some require water impermeability. Hence, it is necessary to understand his physical properties, mechanical properties, and hydraulic properties

1. Physical properties

(1) isotropy: the strength, stiffness and elasticity of the isotropy are the same.

(2) homogeneity: the thickness and weight of unit area should be uniform.

(3) stability: it can resist the corrosion of organic matter, acid and alkali in soil foundation, the change of temperature and the action of insects, bacteria and other creatures. Before the GFRP grille is used, it needs to be piled up for a period of time, so it also needs to be heat-resistant to the sun (ultraviolet ray) and rain.

2. Mechanical properties

Strength and elasticity are quite important mechanical guys, because living on large t soil materials are piled up on the fiberglass grid. Therefore, the GFRP grille must have certain strength and anti-grille deformation properties. There is also the ability to withstand concentrated loads, such as bursting and tearing.

3. Hydraulic performance

The pore size formed between fibers and the thickness of FRP grillage have great influence on the performance of FRP grillage drainage and filtration. The pore size should not only enable the water to pass smoothly, but also can not cause soil erosion, and at the same time, the pore size should be relatively stable under the action of load.

The performance of FRP grille makes it good use in civil engineering.