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On the characteristics of FRP grille

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1. Corrosion resistance has excellent corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, organic solvents, salts and many other gas and liquid media, which has incomparable superior performance in the field of corrosion resistance. According to the requirements of practical application, we can select and use o-benzene, m-benzene and vinyl resin as matrix material economically.

2. Lightweight, high-strength, and convenient for cutting, the device is made of composite resin and glass fiber. The density is less than 2kg/m3, only 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of aluminum. Its strength is 10 times that of rigid polyvinyl chloride, which is sure to exceed the level of aluminum and common steel. Its light weight, can greatly reduce the foundation support, thereby reducing the project cost. Its simple cutting device, without fire and large lifting equipment, requires only a few artificial and electric tools, which greatly reduces the cost of the device.

3. Aging resistance: the service life is over 50 years.

4. Flame retardant: generally flame retardant grating flame propagation rate (ASTM e-84) does not exceed 25; The flame propagation rate of high-grade flame retardant vinyls does not exceed 10. The oxygen index is not less than 28(GB 8924).

5. Safety: excellent electrical insulation, no breakdown at 10KV voltage; No electromagnetism, which can be used on magnetic sensitive equipment; The special structure of GFRP grille also has anti-skid and anti-fatigue properties.

6. Color: color is optional. We can customize color according to customer's requirement and improve the environment of production place. Common glass - steel grid color: yellow, black, grey, green, blue, red and transparent or translucent. Can use a kind of colour alone in applying process, also can mix undertake.

7. Strong planability: flexible and diversified scales, convenient to cut, stable scales.