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How to choose tools to cut FRP grilles

Time:2018-08-27 15:18:01 Hits:885

Generally, the fiberglass grating we produce is one piece, but in the actual laying process, we need to cut the original whole grating plate, so how should we choose the tool? Now let the FRP profile manufacturers to talk to you.

1. Linear cutting: the FRP grating can be used for on-site cutting with ceramic disc or emery disc cutter, or even ordinary hacksaw blade can be used for cutting.

2. Curvilinear cutting: grid opening, circular arc and other arc cutting can be performed with electric saw or hacksaw equipped with metal cutting blade.

3. Sanding: it can be polished by hand corner grinder, grinder, common file and sandpaper.

4. Drilling: the holes of more than 12mm can be drilled by general drilling machine with hemp drilling, and the holes can be processed by manual electric drilling machine or general electric torch drilling.