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Show you how to tell the pros and cons of a FRP grille

Time:2018-08-29 14:44:00 Hits:823

At present, the domestic FRP grille market is relatively hot. The market is hot without the manufacturer of a few fish eyes mix bead, manufacturer of a lot of FRP products is in order to be able to reduce cost, use a few inferior raw material thereby come to fill with inferior quality. But, as the consumer does not know however among them trick, how should distinguish the good and bad circumstance of steel grille?

In fact, we judge the quality of a product first from its raw materials, and then judge the product.

Raw materials: many consumers are not clear about the selection of raw materials for FRP grilles. The main raw materials of FRP grille are resin and FRP fiber. The filler is calcium powder and is usually prepared in a ratio of 1:1:1 or so.

Good resins, generally unsaturated o-benzene resin 196, use this resin out of the fiberglass grid generally more smooth. If use inferior colophony, the product that comes out is relatively turbid, much porosity, the mainest is easy to break, strength difference toughness is bad also.

Another is the comparison of finished products: good fiberglass grating looks on the appearance, no obvious cracks, the pores are very sandy, the color is also relatively pure, the service life is relatively long. But inferior product appearance has very apparent crack, blowhole is much, color is bad, life is shorter of course.