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Ground problem of glass reinforced plastic cable box

Time:2018-08-16 14:43:00 Hits:865

As the main application accessories of cables, great attention should be paid to the application safety. The following GFRP products manufacturer will analyze the grounding problem of GFRP cable box:

1. The cable box system shall be reliably connected and grounded.

2. The following requirements shall be met when the cable bridge system is allowed to form the grounding main loop. The connection resistance between the ends of the bridge shall not be greater than 0.00033 ohm. In a direct ground neutral system with a neutral point at or below 1KV, the ground of the receiving equipment is connected to the neutral line of the system. The metal cross section area of the span direction of the bridge should not be less than the specified value.

3. When laying the grounded main line along the entire length of the bridge, each bridge (including the non-linear part) shall have at least one reliable connection with the grounded main line.

4. Spring coil shall be installed at the connection of the ground part in the place of vibration.