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Main characteristics and application site of FRP grille

Time:2018-08-13 14:42:00 Hits:725

The main characteristics of FRP grille are as follows:

1. Full penetration of glass fiber interlaced textile and resin to make the grille most resistant to corrosion.

2. The overall structure of the grille evenly distributes the load, which is conducive to the grille installation and the uniform stress of the supporting structure.

3. The glossy surface and italic surface of the grid make the grid self-cleaning.

4. The concave surface of the grid enables the grille to be anti-skid, and the anti-skid effect on the sand surface is better.

Non-metallic materials, it is different from traditional metal grille, its in the chemical medium will not occur under the action of electrochemical corrosion and rust, won't make the structure of the material is damaged, do not need to undertake regular or irregular inspection, maintenance, and will not lead to factory production, and not like the metal grille due to the presence of many invisible factors, cause a series of unexpected accidents. At the same time, it is different from wood and other materials will rot, mildew phenomenon, is the traditional iron, wood, cement and other materials.

According to these characteristics and advantages, FRP grille is widely used.

GFRP grille can be used in chemical industry, paper industry, power plant, sewage treatment plant, food processing plant, metallurgical plant, mine, salt field, nuclear power plant, battery plant, etc. Can be used as: pedestrian walkway, bridge board, industrial floor, operating platform, trench cover plate, pallet, guardrail, fence, shelf, isolation belt, green walkway, floor steps and so on.